Work Injuries

When you suffer from an injury that is work related you need to do three things. First, you need to quickly get medical attention. Second, you need to fill out an 801 form ASAP and give it to your employer. Third, you need to find a good Oregon workers compensation lawyer.

In the beginning stages of your injury, it is important not to talk about the injury too much or give unnecessary details to the insurance agency of your job. Anything you say could be twisted and used against your case later down the road. You need to tell all of the details to your own personal lawyer and let him or her negotiate for you.

By law you have the right to make a workers compensation claim for any work related injuries you suffer. The coverage that your employer pays for every month should cover all of your medical bills, any ongoing treatment, and time-loss payments (approx 60% of your average weekly wage).

But, as you know when there is money involved no company wants to pay more than they absolutely have to.

Insurance companies are known for unfairly denying claims, denying physical therapy, avoiding paying for weekly chiropractic visits, forcing the injured person to return to work before they are ready, and other such things. They are in the business of collecting premiums and paying out as little as they can. Without experienced Oregon personal injury lawyers, especially ones that specialize in workers compensation, you are at the mercy of these huge corporations with their own legal team not looking to really help you.

Keep in mind something else. Many of the fees you would normally have to pay for legal advice pertaining to workers compensation and work injuries are covered in the policy. Another way to put it is that by law you are entitled to FREE legal assistance from an attorney that handles workers compensation cases. They are included in your claim. Most people do not know about this provision and therefore fail to take advantage of it.

It is vital to seek expert legal advice from a lawyer, as soon as possible, after you have suffered any substantial injury at work. It’s nothing personal. You may love your boss, love your company, and love your job. But, after the claim is filed its you versus the insurance company. They might seem nice at first but will do everything in their power to pay as little as they can legally get away with. You need to give your lawyer as much accurate information as you can while its still fresh in your mind and get an expert medical evaluation to back your claim up. The extent of your work injury will determine how much you receive in the future and how long you will be able to rest or stay away from work.

Lawyers can also sped up the delivery of payments to you to cover items like medical bills (which will pile up quickly), prescription medication for the pain, and lost wages. Everything needs to be properly filed and documented before this can happen. A personal injury lawyer who handles workers compensation in Oregon will set up a strategy and course of action in place to best benefit you and your family.

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