Defective Products

When manufacturers make products they are expected to adhere to certain standards of quality and safeness (whether they are actual state rules or implied). They also need to do everything in their power to make certain the product being made is marketed in a responsible manner.

Precautions need to be made so that the consumers purchasing them know the hazards involve in handling them and the consequences of improper use. This warning should be explained in a highly visible and clear fashion.

According to Oregon state law a company can be held liable if a product is defective or its potential hazards to not made apparent to the persons using them. If someone is injured or killed then a claim of product liability can be brought against the person, organization, or company which made them.

In order to win a case three main things have to be established by an Oregon personal injury lawyer. He or she must prove that:

  1. The product was defective
  2. The product was defective before the consumer bought it from a retailer or the actual manufacturer
  3. The defect in the product is what actually caused the damages or injury (emotionally, physically, or physiologically) in question.

If you believe you have been the victim of a defective product please contact a reputable and experienced Oregon personal injury attorney evaluate your case.